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Producing Procedures:
1. Prepare the raw material for parts industrial.
2. Put the raw materials into lathe chuck, debug the lathe tool well.
3. When debugging the industrial part products, the first thing is to confirm the test product by IPQC then into normal production.
4. When producing, IPQC will check random sampling every 20 minutes to inspect the industrial parts size and appearance standards.

1. Lathe is debugging to make test product confirmation.
2. Producing high quality parts industrial products

1. Among the production of industrial motor parts, you can't reach your hand into the cutting tools and take the industrial spare parts products.
2. without material shortage, no drilling phenomenon.
3. Make sure the surface is smooth, check the liqueur tool regularly.

Used equipments and tools:

NO name machining specification amount
1 CNC turning machines





2 CNC milling machines 1 meter 80
3 DMG Mori 1 meter *1 meter 2
4 Mazak 10mm-800mm  length:1.5m 3
5 plastic injection 250 tons 12

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